Dudyshev Valery D., Russian, born 5 July, 1948. Place of birth
 – Russia, Samara(former Kuibyshev).

The main point from my life of scientist – inventor – teacher:

  • July 5, 1948
  • 1963 – finished musician school,
  • 1966 – finished with gold medal secondary school #144 in Kuibyshev
  • 1971 – graduated as an excellent student from Kuibyshev Polytechnical Institute, electro technical department, specialization “Automatical electric gear”
  • 1975-1977 – postgraduate, specialization “Electric machines”
  • 1978 – defense of the thesis in Leningrad, LIAP. Became a candidate of science, theme of candidate work “Autonomous systems of electric supply of special purpose objects”
  • 1980 – became a reader of electro technology
  • 1988 – defense of the thesis, the same theme of doctor’s work “Autonomous systems of electric supply of special purpose objects”, private scientific Council of Scientists Academy of Soviet Union
  • 1984-1990 – researched and developed alternative directions in energetics, for instance, in aviation and space technologies
  • 1986 – received the diplomas of license specialist and specialist in setting of inventor tusks
  • 1994-2000 – provided different scientific works on ecologic themes, for instance, in improving of ecology of burning processes, ecology of auto-transport, especially as the head of some regional ecological programs
  • 1998 – was elected as academician of Russian Ecological Academy (Samara branch of REA)
  • 2004 – was elected was elected as academician of Russian Academy of Medical-Technology scientists (Samara branch of  RAMTS)
  • From 1971 till to 2008 – worked in Samara Polytechnical Institute, and then became a pensioner
  • From 2008 as usually I am busy of creative work in the field of science and technology and public sphere

From 15.07.2009 my name was put in the International Encyclopedia “Who is who is Russia”. So it contents my autobiography and main achievements in science and technology. I have a lot of contacts with scientists and specialists for about 40 countries.
My main works and patents:
Some of my projects :


The new physical effect of a significant intensification of burning is discovered at influence on a flame of an electric field of the certain parameters. The new technology based on this discovery consists of management of burning by means of an electric field of the certain parameters. The technology by the current moment has no analogues in the world. However, despite of a seeming simplicity of realization, the physical essence of the given important technology is difficult and is reduced to intensive influence of electric and electromagnetic fields on various processes of burning (power break by an electric field of long circuits of hydrocarbon substance, ozonization of an oxidizer, elimination of a double electric layer on border of a flame, etc.). In case of burning low-grade fuel, luminosity of a flame sharply increases, unpleasant smells (aromatic hydrocarbons) disappear and is sharply, in tens times, toxicity of departing gases decreases.

Omnivorous burner
Concerns to burners with the combined fuel. The technical result of these burners consists of improvement of the design leading economy of the basic fuel, the power efficiency, to fuller combustion of all components of fuel and ecological compatibility.The specified technical result is reached by that in the device containing the case of a burner, an entrance fuel pipe and the chamber of combustion, following devices are entered the activator of a fuel mix with an oxidizer (it is made in the form of a source of an electric field); the activator of burning of a burner of a flame (also it is made in the form of a source of an electric field); devices for preparation of steam and fuel gas; special "whirlwind" devices of fuel, oxidizer, fuel gas, steam and the flame. All listed innovations allow to burn extremely full any hydrocarbon waste and to save the basic fuel considerably and, thus, to raise ecological cleanliness of burning.


The new technology of radical economy of fuel which essence consists in the interconnected application of several physical effects is offered: activation and electrostatic dispersion of fuel vortical effect of mixing of thin sprayed fuel with air and water steam intensive ignition of a fuel mix with imposition of electric field on a torch of a flame. Experiments show, that whenthe offered methods of intensification of burning have been realized in full, there is a minimum two-multiple economy of fuel at ideal ecology of fiery process.

- Magneto electric activation of fuel.

The first stage in a chain of actions on economy of fuel is activation of fuel by means of the special device. The technology provides introduction in a fuel path of effective activators of fuel. To realize of this useful innovation design of the fuel filter and the activator of fuel is applied. For this purpose capacity of the fuel filter is transformed into unusual high-voltage electric condenser with liquid dielectric to which fuel serves. The external corps of the fuel filter acts as one of facings of such condenser. Thus the fuel filter is supplied by the source of a magnetic field in addition placed in the fuel filter, and a source of an electric field.

- The device of economy of petrol of motor transport - vortical «EcoFuel» (the device of vortical preparation of a fuel mix for an internal combustion engine of petrol motor transport)

The simple device of economy of petrol and increase of capacity of an internal combustion engine (ICE) for petrol motor transport is developed and tested. The essence of this technology of homogenization of a fuel mix for any ICE consists in active vortical mixing and crushing of drops of petrol in a vortical stream of the additional air coming through this device from an atmosphere. For carburetor ICE “EcoFuel” is made in the form of thermally isolating insert with vortical atomizers, this insert is placed between the carburetor and inlet collector ICE. For injected ICE «EcoFuel» is developed in two variants - built in an inlet collector and in the form of a separate device.

- A magnetic candle with rotation of an electric arch

Finishing part in a chain of process of an effective utilization of fuel is burning fuel which is offered for carrying out with use of candles of a special design - a magnetic spark plug with rotation of an electric arch. The given discovery of effect of rotation of an arch in a magnetic field can be used with success, as in spark plugs, and in plazmatrons of new generation.During submission of an impulse of a high voltage to electrodes of such candle, the electric arch does many turns. As a result of it the process of ignition and burning of a fuel mix in chambers ICE considerably is improved. Such magnetic candle considerably saves petrol in the car and raises «capacity» of ICE.

- Economical storm fuel injector for any kind of fuel enjection system

In Russian Federation was developed and patented a unique Storm Fuel Injector which would be useful for any kind of transport vehicles that have an injection fuel system. This injector is designed to increase power of an engine as well to reduce amount of fuel usage. Time for installation would take about 15 minutes and it does not require specific knowledge to do so. This device is designed and developed to better mix fuel and air before it will burn in the combustion chamber of the engine. The efficiency is about 100%. Therefore, at this point we would have more efficiency in the burning processes and apparently would save fuel and would have more power at the same time. According to the test results we would have up to 20% more of power and less toxic gases for up to 20 times.
It would be a revolution in usage of the device because people need such an invention which would reduce expenses for the fuel usage and decrease its negative impact on the environment at the same time. It would bring a financial success in all business aspects. It would have success to obtain in the public level or/and the first stage of manufacturing motors. We are looking for business partners and investors at this time.

1- Intake Collector
2- Intake Valve
3- Head Nozzle of the Injector
4- Storm Fuel Injector (Fuel + Air)
5- Assembled Cylinder of the Injector
6- Intake nozzle for air and water input
7- Standard Power Supply
8- Standard Fuel Injector

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